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From: John Colorado
Subject: Farmer Turned Rancher Chapter 8by John of Colorado
Farmer Turned RancherIf you are not of age or man/man sex bothers you, or this illegal in your
area, then I suggest you leave NOW! Why are you still here, I told you to
leave! The names have been changed but the story itself is basically based
upon facts. However, it is fiction!Chapter 8Jeremy and I decided to go to the barn and take the stuff out of the
crates, organize it, and take inventory to see just what we had. We knew
that we would have to work long and hard to get it all done in three
days. We divided the barn into four sections. One section for farm
equipment. One section for household goods. We didn't know what we had so
we left the other two open and could use them as needed.We had a portable block and tackle, which was built on wheels, to be used
for lifting the heavy stuff. We could lift something, put it on top lolitas nude pics
a hand cart
and move it. We soon found that this wouldn't be an easy endeavor.. We
would find new muscles which would become sore and sensitive. Work is
something that neither one of us had sidestepped or avoided..We worked for the rest of the day and well into the night. That night
Jeremy and I rubbed and massaged each other with liniment. We were so tired
that Jeremy and I decided that we would sleep in the barn and let the boys
have our bed until we could make different sleeping arrangements. This
sounded like a perfect plan for Jeremy and me to have our privacy. That is
until the kids found out we were sleeping in the barn. Much to our sorrows,
Grandma was going to have the house all to her self. However, the kids went
to sleep early and were sound sleepers. We had to keep the noise level low,
but that didn't stop us from pre lolita top nudists
having a good time at the other end of the
barn.We had just two more days to complete the task. Jeremy and I could not
visualize our good fortune. We now had the equipment, tools and necessary
items to run a first class operation. All we had to do was capitalize on
our prosperity.Much to our surprise and relief, our neighbors started arriving early in
the morning. Grandma had told them about the `mess' we had in the
barn. With the additional muscle, Jeremy and I would not have to kill
ourselves getting little lolita bbs tgp
everything ready for the big day.We had problems keeping the women and kids out of the barn, curiosity
rather than a willingness to help. It was just too dangerous and much too
hard for them to help. They finally decided that they would just cook and
keep us happy and well fed. The new litter of puppies kept the kids
occupied. We knew the pups had found new homes when they were weaned.We found two large crates marked toys. We took the lids off and sure enough
they were full of toys. We told the kids they had to go into the house and
not look out the windows, because we had a big surprise for them. We took
the crates outside the barn and laid the contents out on the ground with a
lot of space between everything-boy things in one space, girl things in
another and a either/or space. We went to the house and got the kids, and
told the women folk that they had better come out, also. We needed a break
and we got a good one.The kids saw the stuff on the ground and went running and screaming at the
top of their lungs, probably the neighbors in the next valley could hear
them. The kids were told that they had to share, and that every child
should get an equal amount of toys. This was better than Christmas
time. The kids never had a toy purchased from a store. All they had were
hand made ones. After about an hour of watching and playing with the kids,
we told the little lolita bbs tgp
women to go into the barn as there was something for them
inside.We thought the kids were loud, but the women out shouted the kids by a long
way. Then they started crying they were so happy. We had opened three large
crates, which contained yards and yards of fabric, sewing materials,
scissors, needles, thread, thimbles, curtain material, oil cloth for
tablecloths, quilt making material, etc. You name it and we had it. It was
very much appreciated. Our clothes were getting quite worn and I don't
think they would hold any more patches.What we didn't tell them was that we had 5 more crates to open which
contained kitchen supplies and such. nn lolita panty models
Grandma had found a bonnet and was
wearing it. I don't know how it got put out. No way was she going to give
it up. What she didn't know was that there were enough hats and bonnets for
all the women and girls and we would give them out later..We helped the women and kids carry everything to the house and put it on
the porch. The women and kids were all chattering at once and inspecting
the merchandise. What they had received today could never have been
purchased; the family budgets could never be stretched far enough.The men folk decided that we would take a nice long break before we tackled
the barn again. I suggested going to the swimming hole and cooling off for
a bit. It was so hot and dusty in the barn. The boys decided they wanted to
go with us. We told them that we would be skinny dipping but that didn't
even phase them one bit. Living in the country and seeing someone nude was
not a problem except for some of us who liked men in their birthday
suits. Jeremy and I would get some eye treats but that is all we would
get. Every man from the settlement was off limits.After quite some time, the kids wanted to get back to their toys so we made
them get dressed before they returned to the house. The men said they were
going back to the barn and would see us when we returned. One 18 year old
teenager, Scott, decided to stay a little longer. Jeremy and I wanted a
little time to ourselves and asked Scott if he was okay with our fooling
around a bit."I am fine with that and that is why I wanted to stay. I would like to
watch, if not join in. I have developed a strange feeling and I would like
to figure out what is happening with me. For some reason, when I look at
men, I get all excited.." Said the teenager."What is your dad going to say and do when he finds out about your
feelings?" I asked him."I have all ready had this discussion with him. He is not crazy about the
idea, but I have a million questions. He said that he couldn't answer
them. This is a whole new area for him and he just doesn't know what to
tell me. He told me I should talk with you two and go from there.." Replied
Scott."That certainly is a different reaction than the one I got from my dad.. He
kicked me out with no money. I was completely on my own and had to earn my
own way, in order to survive. I wouldn't recommend that to anyone. I got
lucky and met this young man and my whole life changed." Jeremy said, with
tears in his eyes."After my mother died, My dad and I became partners. Sure we had sex and
were very close but nothing like what Jeremy and I have. We both know that
there can be no one else for us. That is not saying that we don't enjoy
another man or men, occasionally. Regardless, we know that we will always
have each other and no one can change that. Scott, you must realize that
once you give yourself to a man, then your life will never be the little lolita nude groups same
again. Living in a community can have its problems. Many of your old
friends may abandoned you and not even speak to you. There are those who
will do you bodily harm. Jeremy and I were lucky. You can change you mind
before it is to late. Once you cross the line, there is no point of return
and you will have to live with your decision. Do you understand what I am
trying to say?""That is essentially the same thing my dad told me. I know that you and
Jack Carlos lived together for a while and that he left and got married to
a woman.""Scott, this was very hard for both of us. We had many long and serious
discussions. We finally decided to part as friends and we remain very good
friends today. Jack Carlos is still trying to forget the past and live a
different life. I became a basket case and was going through a very bad
time until this good looking man was placed on my doorstep. That is another
story and we will have to tell you sometime. I think I fell in love with
Jeremy the very first time I saw him. We were in bed together the very
first day, but didn't do anything sexual for little lolita nude groups a long time. When you meet
that very special man or woman, you will know it." I explained, in a very
serious manner."I think we need to do a lot more serious talking. This is something that
you don't want to rush. You need to consider all the different outcomes and
how your life is going to be affected. I think that right now, a little
hugging and kissing wouldn't hurt anyone." Said Jeremy reaching out and
taking Scott into his arms.I moved into a three way hug and let my hand wander down to Scott's
privates. I cupped my hand around his balls and then his cock. He froze and
turned to stone. I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He
did not even start to get hard. Jeremy on the other hand was all ready to
go. I looked up at him and caught his eye. I mouthed "Later, Jeremy,
Later!" He shook his head, yes.I continued to play with Scott. "Scott, should I continue?""I don't think so! You just about scared me to death.""Did you have the urge, that you wanted to do more?" I asked him."No, not really. I just wanted you to stop. I had none of the feelings that
I had before." lamented Scott"Scott, we are going to go to the Campbell Ranch in a few days. Would you
like to go with us. I know there is a young lady over there that will just
knock your socks off." I said."What if I fizzle out just like I did now?"Believe us! You won't fizzle out. Your asian lolita young chat blood may sizzle and you may pass
out. She is one good looking woman. You'll fall so hard that you won't know
what hit you!" Laughed Jeremy.Scott kissed each of us on the lips and said, "Thanks, guys, you are the
best!""And to think I was looking forward to riding that search keywords lolitas bbs cute little ass of
yours. If you strike out, Lookout, that ass belongs to us!" smirked Jeremy."You have a deal!" smiled Scott."We had better get back. We don't want the neighbors talking. Do We?"
Laughed Paul.We went back to the barn and started working. It looked like another day
and we would have accomplished our task. I got Scott's dad over by himself
and told him what Scott had decided. I must say he was greatly relieved.
He was hoping that this was the way that Scott would turn, but would have
reluctantly supported him if he had chosen to be with men instead of women.That evening we had a marvelous dinner. After we had eaten, out came the
musical instruments and we had a hoedown, dancing, and a community sing
outside in the fresh air. We played and sang for several hours. The barn
could not be used for sleeping, because of all the stuff scattered all
over, We put some hay down and everyone decided to sleep out under the
starts. The kids were delighted. The pups and their mother received the
best beds available.....a nice soft kid.Jeremy and I went sneaking out behind the barn after everyone had bedded
down and had gone to sleep. After about an hour, we went back to our bed
roll and cuddled together and went right to sleep. The only thing about
sleeping under the stars is it gets light very early. It seem like we had
just gone to sleep and the kids were up playing with the dogs.Soon everyone was awake and breakfast was started. After the chores were
completed, It was back to work. The gallery photo sex lolita
first thing we did was have the women
come out and we had to divide the remaining household goods. There were
dishes, mason jars by the dozens, Dutch ovens, spinning wheels, weaving
looms, pots and pans, big iron kettles and many other items. The biggest
hit of all were the treadle sewing machines. Christmas time again.We put the smaller items in crates lolita panties gateway sites and loaded them in the wagons. Now came
the larger items. We had new plows for everyone, windmills, hand water
pumps, blacksmith tools of all kinds, saws and hand tools, cream
separators, equipment to make cheese, hand agitated tubs with wringers to
wash clothes, rolls of screen wire to put on the windows and to make screen
rooms to keep out the insects . The wagons were soon full. Now little lolita bbs tgp
came the
best part of all, each family could pick out a pair of the horses and each
horse came with its own harness. Draft horses may be big creatures but they
are very loveable and make good pets. They can out work mules and oxen. All
you have to do is treat them right.We were going to keep a stallion and two mares, of course we had already
chosen ours. The kids were given the task of picking the horses. This
tickled them pink, of course they had a little help from mom and dad. The
parents didn't have to worry, we didn't have any bad ones in the whole
group.With the wagons loaded and the horses hitched up, our friends and neighbors
started saying good-bye, and started leaving.Jeremy www lolita galleries com and I beamed with pride that we were able to bring so much happiness
to all of them. What they didn't know is that we had saved back enough for
Scott to have a good start with his new bride. We knew that this could
happen soon. All he had to do was find her.Jeremy and I had save all the barbed wire and other ranch equipment and
supplies. We would go more into ranching and only farm enough for our
needs. However, we were going to keep the farm like we had it now. We were
going to buy extra land from all the settlers and leave them with just
their farm land. They had filed on about 3 times to much land with the idea
that they would sell off part of it. With Jeremy's inheritance, we could be
the buyers.Jeremy had insisted that we would be partners, and everything would be ours
and not his and mine. We wanted to see Mr. Campbell and see if he wanted to
sell any more of his cattle. We had room for at least 300 more cows with
calves. We also wanted to see what he had in the line of bulls that we
could get for our herd. We needed to increase the size of our herd of dairy
cattle. Scott was coming back in two days and we would go over then.Editor's Notes: Things just keep getting more and more organized, don't
they.It looks as if Scott is thinking about the advantages of finding a young
lady to love,It will certainly be interesting to see what happens next time.Darryl AKA The Radio rancher
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